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SER’s Aruba and St. Maarten visit BrabantAdvies.

On Friday, July 1st, Tristan Every chairman of SER Aruba and Gerard Richardson, secretary-general of SER Sint Maarten, visited BrabantAdvies. They were received by director Ivka Orbon and Alwin Groen (secretary-general SER Brabant). The conversation focused on strengthening mutual contacts and on various socio-economic themes. 

In Aruba and Sint Maarten, the revision of the tax system and adjustment of the minimum wage are current points of discussion. Just like diversification of the economy; in addition to the ubiquitous tourism sector, how can other pillars such as innovative business and ICT be strengthened? The SER’s are committed to a sustainable and stable economy; supported by advice that should lead to high-quality employment in the long term. 

As far as Brabant is concerned, tackling staff shortages and the living environment policy were discussed. But also the way of advising BrabantAdvies, in which integral cooperation is central. The structure of four advisory councils under one umbrella, unique in the Netherlands, provides inspiration for other advisory organizations.

“Very interesting to hear what is going on,” said SER Aruba chairman Every. “It is important to maintain this contact and to continue to observe how advice is picked up and issued in Brabant.