Sharon Arnell

Senior policy advisor

Sharon Arnell born and raised in Sint Maarten, obtained her degrees as a medical laboratory technologist in chemistry (1996) and her bachelors in microbiology (2002) from the Hogeschool Leiden. 

Ms. Arnell has worked for many years in the Netherlands as lab technologist gaining valuable experience in the field of Health care. She pursued her masters in Health Economics Policy and Law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and graduated in 2011.Upon returning to the island, Sharon joined the department of Public Health as a senior policy worker. Her main task was to develop and maintain the department’s vision in general with a specific focus on health care reform.

In addition, Ms. Arnell was one of the main advisors at the department of Public Health, where she worked closely with the department head. As of March 1st, 2016, Ms. Arnell made the career move to the Social Economic Council, in the capacity as the senior policy advisor.

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