Chairperson 2014 – 2017

Oldine Bryson Pantophlet

Born on the island of Aruba, Bryson – Pantophlet is no stranger to our community and has made a name for herself in the field of education on Sint Maarten. She graduated from Christelijke Pedagogisch Academie, J.D. Smits specialized in the Dutch language. Bryson – Pantophlet is the owner of, Language for knowledge (LFK), a company which provides courses in the Dutch language for all ages.

She returned to the island in the 1980’s and served as a teacher and acting head for five years at Prins Willem Alexander School, formerly known as the John Larmonie School. She continued her career at the Milton Peters College (MPC), as an educator in the Dutch language. Hard work and determination resulted in her appointment in 1990, as director of MAVO later VSBO-TKL. After fifteen years as a director at MPC, in 2005 she assumed the position of Director of Public Education for the government of Sint Maarten, Bryson-Pantophlet served as Director of Public Education until 2009.

Bryson-Pantophlet career spans several decades in the public sector, she brings a vast of experience to her current position as Chairlady of the SER. Presently she serves as Director of Safe Haven, a non-profit organization which offers shelter, counseling and supportive services to victims of Domestic violence. In addition Bryson – Pantophlet also serves on the board of several social organizations in our community. 

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