Chairperson 2011 – 2014

Rene Adrien Richardson

Described by many as a ‘champion of the people’, ‘ a leader’, ‘a political stalwart’, Rene Adrien Richardson was born on October 2, 1943 – a son of Soualiga , with ancestors on both the North and South sides of the Country. His dynamic political and leadership career spans 4 decades – starting in 1975 as ALM ( Antillean Labor Movement) 2nd candidate , an initial failed attempt to secure an Island Council seat. That failure presented yet another opportunity – and Richardson busied himself with the building of the WIFOL – establishing significant influence as its President. In 1983 he ran on the DP ( Democratic Party ) as candidate #5 , and secured an Island Council seat with 489 votes, followed in 1985 with an appointment to the Executive Council as Commissioner. In 1987 Commissioner Richardson secured slot #3 on the DP slate and garnered 582 votes for an Island Council seat and an appointment to the Executive Council. In Government, the Labor Union, and in each of his endeavors, Rene is affectionately known as the ‘ go to man’, never one to give people the ‘ run-around’, but known to be a man who is always results-driven. In short – if he can assist , he will, and if he cannot assist, he will say so from the onset. As Commissioner of Labor, Richardson was known as a ‘go to man’ , relentless in his approach and commitment to work for all laborers, securing for them opportunities and benefits in all sectors. Richardson exited the political arena in 1995 , but continues to contribute positively to the building of his Country.

In 2010 , Richardson was appointed as the first Chairman of the Board of the SER ( Social Economic Council) , a Council established by law under the Constitution of Country Sint Maarten. Richardson, as its first Chairman – was responsible to establish this advisory body to a fully functioning position. He did so successfully, with the completion of 14 advices covering major socio-economic areas. On September 12th 2013, the Social Economic Council (SER) achieved another mile stone, as SER Chairman René Richardson was elected to the international board of International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) during its General Assembly in Algeria. AICESIS is a worldwide organization representing 70 member states from four different continents. AICESIS functions as an important international organization for social and economic policy. The election of Sint Maarten on the AICESIS board, serves as an example that international organizations continue to recognize Sint Maarten as an autonomous country. This illustrates that Sint Maarten, and SER , is ready to fulfill its responsibility on an international level. Richardson is credited for achieving this international recognition for Sint Maarten. Under the aegis of chairman Richardson, in less than three years the SER developed into a council not only advising government when called upon, but pro-actively engaging in, and often leading the public debate in many socio-economic areas. ( source:

But, when asked about his stellar career and contribution , Richardson was quoted as saying : ‘ For me, my greatest contribution is not what I have done on Country level , but what I have accomplished for the laborer, for the people living within our communities – for it is those people that matter the most’!

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